For the past 26 years, the National Institute has sponsored Issues Discussion Luncheons in New York City. The 2017 luncheon, which took place on Monday, June 5, featured Dr. Bruce Stillman, the president and CEO of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, who will discussed gene editing technology.


Previous speakers

Kent L. Barwick
The Overly Successful City

John Brademas
The Education Decade

Herbert Brownell
The U.S. Constitution

Hugh L. Carey
The New York City Financial Crisis and Rescue

Dr. Donald A. Henderson
New Threats for the 21st Century

Philippe de Montebello & Samuel Sachs

Ada Louise Huxtable & Adele Chatfield-Taylor
New York City Architecture

Professor Kenneth T. Jackson
New York City

Bernard Lewis
The Middle East

Paul H. Nitze
INF Negotiations with the Soviet Union

Peter G. Peterson
On the National Debt

Elliot L. Richardson
Honor & Ethics in Our National Life

Alice M. Rivlin
The Federal Budget Deficit

David Rockefeller
World Affairs

William vanden Heuvel
Teddy, Eleanor, and Franklin

Caspar Weinberger
Security Interests of the United States

John C. Whitehead
The Challenge of Rebuilding at Ground Zero

James D. Watson
From DNA Research to the War on Cancer


Information about the next New York City Issues Discussion Luncheon will be posted in early 2018. For information on the luncheon, or other National Institute programming, please contact the National Institute office at (212) 831-0560.