The National Institute launched its Seed Grant Program in 2011 to support outstanding graduate students in the social sciences. These grants are intended to supplement a university’s financial support and other funding that the student may already have in place.



Thai Jones won the first seed grant while a doctoral candidate in U.S. history at Columbia University. He studies radical social movements, New York City history, and environmental history in the United States. [more]


Rebecca Diamond is an applied micro-economist studying local labor and housing markets. Her recent research focuses on the causes and consequences of diverging economic growth across U.S. cities and its effects on inequality. [more]


Zack Cooper is a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where he studies US defense strategy in Asia, US alliances and partnerships in Asia, US-China strategic competition, and Chinese statecraft and coercion. [more]


Hirokazu Shirado is a researcher in the fields of social networks and human-machine interactions, especially the experimental study of cooperative behaviors within social networks. [more