In 2011, in fulfillment of its original charter from Congress, the National Institute launched its Seed Grant Program to support outstanding graduate students in the social sciences. These grants are intended to supplement a university’s financial support and other funding that the student may already have in place.



Thai Jones won the first seed grant while a doctoral candidate in U.S. history at Columbia University. He studies radical social movements, New York City history, and environmental history in the United States. [more]


Rebecca Diamond is an applied micro-economist studying local labor and housing markets. Her recent research focuses on the causes and consequences of diverging economic growth across U.S. cities and its effects on inequality. [more]


Zack Cooper focuses on Asian security issues, and he used the National Institute’s third seed grant to complete his doctoral dissertation at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. [more]


Hirokazu Shirado is a researcher in the fields of social networks and human-machine interactions, especially the experimental study of cooperative behaviors within social networks. [more